Voice for the Voiceless

Voice for the Voiceless

AK Foundation has taken the initiative to reunite the Cows along with the kind cooperation of the Collector and Volunteers from Madurai and Chennai district. 

Cows and oxen at Palamedu, owned by Sri Muniyandi in Madurai district, were separated due to Covid 19. This was because the owner of the cow was not able to maintain and hence wanted to sell the cow. On the 13th of July, while the cow was taken away from the shed the Oxen was unable to tolerate the separation of the cow which was taken away. The video where the oxen runs for about 1 km, along with the vehicle that takes away the cow melts the hearts of anyone who watched. On seeing this AK Foundation and it’s members have decided and put their efforts to rescue the cow and reunite it with the oxen and its owner. A special thanks to the Madurai collector, local police and the fire department, without which AK foundation’s effort would not have been possible. 

Here the clipping of the video: https://newsplus.app/videos/KPLDNrA.html

Thanks to the respected Madurai Collector (official governing authority of the district) and his team who took the initiative to reunite the Voiceless Souls. Also, to all the other channel reporters who worked behind the scenes. Shri. Syedh Riyaz Ji Reporter from Chennai was tracking and updating the entire event from Chennai and also coordinating over the cell in Madurai. As on 14 July the cow was rescued and reunited with the oxen and the farmer.

Dr. Geetha is the Founder President of AK Foundation a Non – Commercial registered NGO. She is a dutiful person by nature and a compassionate healer for Abandoned pets especially   Saairemegans(Dogs). She is a good spirited person with only positive thoughts and vibrations. Even when there is a critical crisis she keeps her spirits up her spirits and continues to do her humanitarian deeds. As a service she has adopted 3 abandoned and rescued pets who seeked rehabilitation.  The Labrador,  Lapses and German Shepard stay with her at her residence. She also has rescued lot of baby Deers and donated them to the zoo.

In addition to that she feeds around 6 – 8 street dogs in her neighbourhood. The Doves and a parrot ‘Sweety’ is no exception, they are fed in the evening with rice and chilli. A pack of parrots usually flock around 6pm on her terrace. Apart from all these pets some wild Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Kyuil, Honey birds and ravens are her regular visitors. Sick pets in death beds, usually recover perfectly once they reach the arms of hers. 

Dr. Geetha M

Founder: AK Foundation