About Us

About Us

AK Foundation Reg 945/2010 is a Registered Trust and it has 3 dimensions

  • AK School of Sports Academy
  • AK School of Educational Academy
  • AK School of Friends Academy

AK School of Sports Academy

AK School of Sports Academy is dedicated to Shri K. Anantha Krishnan a Gentleman who had dedicated his life for Sports. Sports is his passion in his life, to the extent in this sports field he is an “UNKNOWN LEGEND”. In general, we would have heard about people who live for Sports, but this Gentleman has turned his life vice-versa. Sports lived his life throughout. “Sports means Patriotism , Patriotism means Sports” is Shri K. Anantha Krishnan’s goal.

What does this AK School of Sports Academy do?

We identify sports children and youth from the Rural areas. Our dream is that to make the rural children and the rural youth participate in the forthcoming Olymics in the near future.


To represent India in competitions wherever held in this world, to make our National Flag fly high.

AK School of Educational Academy:

This school should stand as  “AN UNIQUE SCHOOL” from others. Very creative, innovative and self-explanative. Each child should be able to identify his/her talent and mould accordingly. Our focus will be on Moral Science, Self Discipline, Positive Thinking and always with Positive Vibration even while facing failures.

AK School of Friends Academy:

  • Aim – “Do before YOU Die”
  • Principle –“Expect whatever YOU do with ZERO expectations “
  • Motto – “Bridge the Gap where ever possible with the Art of Positive Vibration”

Henceforth, we train the adolescent in the most comfortable way by listening through the third ear alone. No sympathy and empathy for any individual in this AK school of Friends. To start living in a “FANTASIZATION WORLD” will be taught to each individual to overcome Crush and Infactuation. True love will be traced out and identified to each individual if help asked from us. Our Foundation will act as a “BRIDGE” alone to PATCH THE GAP wherever needed in the journey of life. We are against false hopes and unwanted expectations.


  • Shri: K. Anantha Krishnan – Retired Officer from Income Tax Department will be the PATRON of AK Foundation -Reg 945/2010 for ever.
  • At any cost and cause the name of AK Foundation -Reg 945/2010 should “NEVER” be changed for ever.
  • One Fourth of the Founder  President’s property share of Late M. Masilamani and Shantha will go to AK Foundation after her demise.
  • The property share should be used as a revolving fund for the welfare of the society by AK Foundation -Reg 945/2010 by Trustees and Members.