About The Founder

About The Founder

Respected, Honorable President of  India, Dr.Shri. Pranab Mukherjee gave away the 100 WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARD, followed with the Grand Lunch hosted on 22nd January 2016, at Ceremonial Hall, Rastrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre, President’s Estate, New Delhi; organized by The Ministry of Woman and Child Development – 25 Lakhs Women were nominated, out of which 100 were selected through Face Book Voting. Among the 100, from Thamizh Nadu 8 were selected, and among the 8,  Dr. Geetha Masilamani  was “BLESSED” TO RECEIVE this Award in the “FIELD OF SPORTS”.

This is the true story of Dr. Geetha Masilamani, a Post – Graduate from Madras School of Social Work – 1989 Batch.

Her parents were, Late M.Masilamani , Retired Chief Engineer from Thamizh Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board and her mother Late Shantha , a student of Ethiraj and a Home Maker.

Out of 28 years of rich experience at work, this is one of Dr. Geetha Masilamani’s favourite Quote…” She has witnessed many Women as Men; and yet to come across Men as Men….”.

But, this Gentleman is a Magical Human – Being throughout her life time from the moment he proposed her…..

She always consider this Gentleman as an Energizer, always a Positive Vibration, always filled with True Love , Happiness and Joy, it is always Instant Love stored for him Spontaneously, always Trustworthy, always forever Beautiful Ever Green Memories and no matter what the critical situations it could be for her…..he always puts her into pleasant smiles as thoughts of him flow into her mind and therefore, hundred percent Dr.Geetha Masilamani has dedicated herself for him alone when the SPARK came out from his mind ; as Dr.Geetha Masilamani ” IS HIS SELECTION” from the year 1990 onwards..

Having crossed the age of 55 + ….

AK Foundation is a Registered Non – Governmental Organization which has been presented as my ” TAJ MAHAL” for my first and last love to SHRI. K. ANANTHA KRISHNAN s/o  Late Smt and Shri Kanagasabai – Tanjore District.

The essence of my AK to me is , FAME, PROSPERITY AND FRAGRANCE always filled around me forever.

A transformation took place in my life after a massive heart attack on September 11th , 2011.

Until then dedicated my life for the upliftment of this Society through Government related projects in various Districts of Thamizh Nadu State.
I had been concentrating on the poor people from my childhood days and decided to give way to youngsters, when attaining the age of 40 years  in my life. As decided , became an independent Social Development Specialist even though, a lot of hurdles to overcome to stick on to the same principle of mine along with my family principle ANTICORRUPTION.

As per the advice of the famous Heart Specialist Respected Shri. Dr. S. Thanikachalam ; was forced to take complete rest from September 2011 to April 2012.

During those days , use to wonder to myself ; when almost all my duties have been over in this world ; why and  what could be the reason for God to give me an extension in my life ????

FM Radio – My Radio City 91.1 was the only companion who use to be besides me, which in  return  forced me to listen to all the love stories shared in Love Guru Program from 09.00 pm  to 01.00 am.

It took almost a year to realize the reason and in June 2012 came a RE- AWAKENING SPARK in my mind about my first and last love with my AK, which took place in the year 1990 around 07.06 pm.

My mind started recollecting all the grave old memories of ours…..First, my AK’s gigantic height – 6.2 feet tall ; my AK’s  very broad shoulders which always made me to remind of the world famous actor Mr. Gregory Peck ; my AK’s sparkling eyes; my AK’s thick jet black moustache; my AK’s pleasing  smiles on his rugged face and the most powerful gun – shot magnified voice …..

The majestic walks towards his favourite ” Red Colour Royal Enfield Bullet – TNZ 7691″and the gentle kicks to start off ….made me to rejoice the whole episode with controlled emotions and smiles….recollecting all the ever green memories with my AK.

Right from the day one when he proposed me, some where deep ….I had a strong feeling that he belongs to me alone…..He is always mine was the  strong confidence I always had in my mind without any second thoughts.

He proposed to me with the 3 Letter words ; ” I LOVE YOU ” written by pencil on a 8 th Standard Mathematics Text Note Book which belonged to a student who was Below the Poverty Line status by the name S. Mohan s/o Subramani and his father who was a Gardener and his mother a Servant Maid hailed from the District of Thiruvannamallai.

To my mind, this incident is as fresh as a Dark Red Rose Bud to bloom anytime …..even though many years have passed away….and I still remember his anxious smiles ….hiding now and then behind his window….and boldly  looking directly into my eyes…..is still remarkable.


Honestly speaking, we were never blessed to speak a single word with one another even though the distance use to be sometimes just half feet away from each other……always a positive nature of mine made me to be always naughty towards him….the mischievous gifts , infinite love cards and love  letters with full commands ( which will turn into many pages in the form of books ) , the smiles and laughters while passing by and the unforgettable long hours of waiting late night’s inside my bedroom for his arrival…and since he is late and had the attitude of not to disturb others….he use to stop the Bullet at the end of the road and use to creep towards his residence which was situated at the dead end of our lane, looking into my windows ….but he never knew that I was awake….not a day I would have gone to sleep without a glance at him.

This continued for more than 4 years….but his reply was only smiles and eye to eye contacts as he rides his Bullet….as the most self content girl  this alone made me to mould for him exclusively like a magnet.

Wanted and decided to ” MARRY HIM ALONE ” and therefore sent a word through a well wisher of mine from my office to him ….and it was a Sunday around 03.01 pm , life became  miserable the moment I heard that he abruptly REJECTED ME.


But, before moving away from I wrote a final last love letter to him challenging with just 2 points.

1)  It will be only my AK who will tie the holy nuptial knot around my neck
2) My children if born to me will have the initial of my AK – until then I will not touch or carry an infant by my hands.

Ever , ever grateful to the Creator who made me remain the same as I had promised to my AK more than 22 years ago….biologically a mis –  fit personality for a married life.

As the years passed….we lost contact.
Started searching for this Gentleman and finally when enquired in his office , came to know that he was retired from his service in June 2012.
Hollowness surrounded me as there was no news about his whereabouts and the only remedy for my sorrow was my sincere prayers for him.
One fine day , it happened that Goddess Kalligambal appeared in my dream commanding me to visit her temple.
Even though I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva , with confused thoughts started visiting her temple once a week.
This Goddess Kalligambal Temple is located in the heart of the Chennai city at Thambu Chetty Street.
An ancient and historic temple, where ; King Chathrapathy Shivaji personally worshipped her and won the battles against Moghuls.

In reality ,one can experience the power of Goddess Kalligambal and her immeasurable Blessings through AK Foundation’s progress and it’s heights which has been reached Universally within a short span of years.

Slow and steady , every week use to receive a good news about his whereabouts and finally on April 3 rd 2013 around 12.01 pm , there was a miraculous situation created by Goddess Kalligambal to have a look at that Gentleman at a very close distance for solid 13 minutes.

Totally shattered , shocked and stunned with the entire situation and silence within myself ….never wanted to meet him because he should be somebody’s husband ?….he should have become the father of how many children.?…etc.

Except the gun shot magnified voice and his majestic walk ; rest had faded away over the years passed….His physical look had completely shrinked, which is till date undigestable… loss of hair  and face looking much worried about the unwanted  critical situation….

A drop of self confidence was within me , when I peeped through the window, where I was sitting as I could view the very same number plate on his age old Bullet with a sober change of colour.  “Yes he still owned the very same Royal Enfield Bullet TNZ 7691”.

Hundred percent anger within himself pouncing on his eyes and refusing  to have a glance at me for the untoward sensational situation  which was created by him for both of us.


Goddess Kalligambal stood by me again and created a MIRACLE within himself , by making him to “RE – CONFIRM” his true and sincere love upon me which had taken place long ,long ago….It looked as though he repeated the very same statement for the second time in my latter part of my life.

Those sweetest words for me made me to ” RE – ENERGIZE ” rest of my life filled with “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ” towards MINE and MY only AK.

While leaving the premises, he politely and most humbly looked upon me into my eyes gently and said ; “” PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION ….” and left with his favourite Royal Enfield Bullet TNZ 7691.

This “RECONFIRMATION”  triggered me to transform my life completely focusing into the FIELD OF SPORTS.

Started concentrating on Tennis as for him SPORTS is his PASSION in his life.
He is a Legend in coaching Tennis.

During his childhood days he use to ace in 400 meters Running Race and in College he became a full fledged Hockey Player. As a Hockey Player entered the Department of Income Tax in Sports Quota and latter switched over to Tennis excelling all the required qualifications for it. Also represents himself as a LINE MAN in Chennai Opens for more than 22 years.

Highly qualified in his career and also holds a Post Graduate Degree from Poondi Pushpam College, Tanjore.
Very sincere , honest and most down to earth personality who had adopted the principle of being an ANTICORRUPTIONIST throughout his service.
A heart throbe for all the Toddlers who are under his Coaching.
He considers the Play Grounds as his MOTHER’S  WOMB and not a day is passed in his life without visiting.

All his friends are into Sports. A special mention has to be carried out about Shri Perumal Ramasamy – a Senior Legend in Athletic representing South India. But because of him my AK would not have survived. Ever grateful to Shri Perumal Ramasamy and Smt Sumathi Perumal Ramasamy and his family members who have adopted my AK as a younger brother to PR Ji Sir.

When AK was a child he lost his MOTHER ….and therefore remained as an introvert throughout his life.

Both of us remained single throughout our lives. He sacrificed his life for upbringing his own siblings and therefore remained as an age old Bachelor whereas due to official gossip my personal life was deteriorated with a womanizer who is no more.

“UNIQUENESS” is my identity in whatever I do and therefore introduced the new concept in Tennis – “The Rich Game of Tennis for the Welfare of the Poor ” , and this has been practiced from the year 2013 onwards at Singaram Pillai Matriculation School Campus, Villivakkam, Chennai.

AK Foundation’s strong and strongest pillars coordinate the entire event by organizing to bring in Orphan Children as spectators for any All India Tennis Tournament ( AITA ).

These Orphan Children have an exposure to watch an AITA Tournament for their life time.
And the children who play for the Tournament have a direct chance to meet and mingle with the Orphan Children.
Two way benefits are gained to both the parties and reality in life is witnessed to both of them.
The Rich and the Poor are on a common platform enjoying the game without any kind of inhibitions.

Parents who watch this event are filled with tears and over whelmed to give away gifts to the  Orphan Children directly. It is amazing to watch how true love and affection floats evenly among each other with expressions of controlled tears.

The members of AK Foundation were shocked to witness a parent giving a,blank cheque to the Guardian of the Orphanage in an event carried out in the  very same campus.

AK Foundation acts as a ” BRIDGE ” between the rich  society and the poor society .
AK Foundation neither encourage cash or donations nor any mediators. Both are strictly prohibited in this Trust.
Gifts and eatables has to be handed over by the Sponsors directly towards the Orphan Children. This in turn make the Sponsors serve directly to the needy.

For a surprise  we found that the relationship with the Orphan Children is being continued with regular visits to them on auspicious days of their families by the  Parents and the Children who play Tennis.

Once a year this event is carried out under the supervision and guidance of the Founder President of AK Foundation

We take the pleasure to thank each one of you profusely for all the help being rendered to serve this Society through AK Foundation. Special mention about our three daughters who have stepped into our family as my own sisters who always stood by me as our MAIN ROOTS with positive vibration alone and never a hindrance to whatever I carried out to serve this Society.

AK Foundation concept – ” The Rich Game of Tennis for the Welfare of the Poor” has been accepted Universally through Face Book and therefore this ” AWARD “in the  ” FIELD OF SPORTS” is dedicated to my first and last love in my life; my HERO


So happy and blessed to share the truth of my life to one and all which was just the tip of the iceberg in my 28 years of work experience for which I have slogged for the upliftment of this Society with enormous HUMILIATIONS unwanted in my life ; in spite of all this ;  I consider “my AK as my Jenma Saathunyam” and pray to God that no matter how many re –  births I’m destined for…..  I should remain the same to “my AK with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOREVER “.

“I love you AK and the entire cells in my body consists of my AK from top to bottom is the truth in my life”.

Loads and loads of hugs and kisses to all my dear and near ones.
And my special love and thanks to all the animals, birds, plants and trees  in this world who took a major part in my daily routine of life ; in fact , without them I would not have survived ;  they pepped my life throughout.

Your exclusive comments about the above story.

Dr. Geetha Masilamani
Founder President ,
AK Foundation,
# New 32 / Old 19, Pantheon Road,
Egmore, Chennai – 8,
Thamizh Nadu.
South India.
Cell # 9940376304



Special Namaskarams to one all.

Thank You .

Yours in the service for the society,
Dr. Geetha Shanta Masilamani.